‘Want to rise above mediocrity’, says Shae Gill

Shae Gill

LAHORE: Pasoori famed Shae Gill opened up about her experiences, aspirations, and the challenges she has faced in the music industry.

During her interview with BBC News Punjabi, Gill said that she was eager to explore new horizons in her music career despite her current fame.

Gill shared how her expressive singing style caught the attention of Xulfi, leading to her collaboration with Ali Sethi. She admitted struggling with imposter syndrome, but she said she was determined to embrace her place in the industry and grow as an artist.

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“Pasoori changed everything for me,” Gill exclaimed. “I’m financially independent now, and that’s great for me. It’s great for any girl. I think every woman should be financially independent. I am happier now because I can finally make my own decisions, which I couldn’t before.”

The Sukoon singer said that her next challenge was to release an original song, though she admitted feeling the pressure to do so. “People keep telling me that it’s time to release an original now. I say ‘How do I do it? I’m trying.’ There’s a lot of pressure, way too much. I need to somehow balance it out because if I take too much time, I might just get lazy and never release my own song. So, a little pressure is welcome but not so much that it gets overwhelming,” she laughed.

Meanwhile, Shae Gill said that she was open to various music genres except for heavy metal. She said: “Music gives me a sensation. I like all kinds of music. Except for extremely heavy metal, I listen to everything. I love all kinds of music so I don’t really have a particular genre in mind. I grew up watching Hannah Montana and wished to be a singer, but never took it seriously because well, you can’t, in desi families. So, my dream has just begun,”.

Despite her fame, Gill said that she still struggled with the paparazzi culture. “I can’t imagine not going to the mall, or standing on the street for pani puri. I love those little things. I don’t ever want to lose that,” the singer said.

Shae Gill remains focused on her goal of leaving a lasting mark in the music industry. “I just want to make good music and do good for people in this world. I’m doing mediocre singing right now, I have to get really good,” she added.

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