Ushna Shah, Armeena Khan, Mira Sethi unite for Gaza, call for global support


WEB DESK: Pakistani celebrities including Ushna Shah, Armeena Khan and Mira Sethi have once again raised their voices in condemnation of the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Taking a stand against Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinian territory and the surging death toll, Shah shared an ‘open letter’ on Instagram, urging fellow Pakistanis to prioritise the dire situation over distractions like world events and scandals.

The heartfelt letter called upon the people of Pakistan to amplify their voices against the oppression faced by Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli state.

Expressing disappointment in the limited action from Muslim countries despite the increasing death toll, Shah emphasized the responsibility on everyday people, activists, artists, influencers, and voices in Pakistan to persist in the fight for justice.

Meanwhile, in a series of Instagram stories, Armeena Khan echoed the urgency, encouraging followers to raise awareness about Palestine as the death toll rises in the besieged Gaza strip.

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Describing Gaza as an “open-air prison” with sealed entry points, Khan drew attention to the Israeli blockade, emphasising the global outcry for aid.

Furthermore, actress and author Mira Sethi has also actively participated in solidarity activism with Gaza, joining the voices advocating for a resolution to the crisis.

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