TikTok’s egg prank sparks outrage for targeting toddlers

TikTok's egg prank

WEB DESK: TikTok’s egg prank, a recent viral trend, involving parents cracking raw eggs on their young children’s heads, is facing backlash from medical experts and netizens.

The trend used with the hashtag #eggprank features parents cracking eggs on their child’s head in the kitchen before pouring the egg into a pan or bowl. Despite gaining widespread popularity, these videos have elicited crying and upset reactions from some children, with a few even retaliating by throwing eggs back at their parents.

As of Tuesday, videos tagged with the hashtag had amassed over 670 million views, with some videos reaching as many as six million views each, according to NBC.

Meanwhile, medical professionals caution that the prank could lead to adverse effects such as head bruising or the spread of germs.

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According to NBC News, a pediatric emergency medical consultant Dr Meghan Martin at Florida’s Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital expressed her disapproval and disappointment regarding the trend.

Dr Martin stated that the prank doesn’t benefit children and is not entertaining. She emphasised that cracking eggs on their foreheads is essentially exposing them to salmonella infection— transmitted to humans by coming in contact with foods contaminated with animal feces.

Furthermore, a pediatric occupational therapist Amanda Mathers attempted the prank on herself and described the experience as challenging and emotionally jarring. She noted that the force of hitting an egg on her head was discomforting.

However, Clinical Director of Child, Adolescent, and Family Services Rebecca Burger-Caplan at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York said that a one-time occurrence of the egg prank was unlikely to have long-term consequences.

Public Reactions

It appears that netizens are far from pleased with the TikTok’s egg prank. Many have found it to be ‘disturbing’ and lacking respect. Let’s take a look at some of the reactions.

Another user criticised the individuals jumping on the bandwagon

A user criticised by saying ‘Don’t be your child’s first bully”.

A user linked the trend to “terrible parenting”.

A user called it humiliating.

A sigh of relief?

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