The truth behind Najiba Faiz’s leaked video

Najiba Faiz

ISLAMABAD: Famous Pashto morning show host and actress Najiba Faiz is in the news because of a ‘leaked video’ that is circulating on social media. The video dates back to last Ramzan during which the team of a HUM Pashto1 TV show gathered after the show for an iftar.

The video is particularly viral because of one of the hosts – religious scholar Mufti Anwar Sultan, who was there to attend Najiba Faiz’s show. Apparently, Najiba recorded the content of the video on her phone, and during the recording, one of the attendants asked Sultan to show some emotions. “Mufti saib the video is being recorded, please cry for the scene,” one of the attendants in the video asks Sultan.

Following the prompt, the religious scholar breaks down into tears.

The video was apparently released by Najiba Faiz herself on social media and has hence gone viral. “I am having a hard time after the video went viral,” said the mufti in one of his comments on Facebook.


Many on X (formerly Twitter) are trying to abuse the situation by portraying an inappropriate video of Najiba Faiz as having been leaked on the internet.

The leaked audio and video scandals are now rampant on the Pakistani internet, with the public surfing the internet for searches targeting yet another TikToker, Aliza Sehar, through iterations of her name like “aliza sehar, aliza sehar viral, viral video aliza sehar, aliza sehar lake, aliza sehar lake video, aliza sehar original video, aliza sehar vlogs, aliza sehar news, aliza sehar tik toker, aliza sehar twitter, Aliza Sehar, Aliza Sehar videos,” just like “Najiba Faiz viral video, Najiba Faiz,” Najiba Faiz,” are trending.

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Najiba responded through her X profile, formerly Twitter, and said “2017 onward whenever I showed them the mirror, obviously they don’t like the reflection & resorted to nasty tricks by editing my Facebook live videos as sex chat viral videos”.

Continuing, she said, “These guys are really funny & for there playtime here I am sharing it again and please edit with some quality work as now these are advance editing technologies so plz….may Allah grant you shifa.”

The trends speak to the depth of the issue that is now reaching epidemic levels in the country. Please keep in mind that Pakistan, as a country, has one of the highest search rates for pornographic content in the world.”

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