Sara Inam murder case: main accused acquitted in Kalashnikov recovery case

Sara Inam

ISLAMABAD: In a surprising turn of events, Shahnawaz Amir, the main accused in the Sara Inam murder case, has been acquitted in connection with Kalashnikov recovery case. The court acquitted Amir, extending the benefit of doubt.

The District and Sessions Courts in Islamabad presided over the proceedings, expressing profound dissatisfaction with the quality of the police investigation into the Kalashnikov recovery case. The court’s discontent was evident as it questioned the diligence and thoroughness of the police’s investigative efforts.

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Shahnawaz Amir’s arrest in the Kalashnikov recovery case brought attention back to the high-profile Sara Inam murder case, where Amir is the main accused. The court’s decision to acquit him in the recovery case raises questions about the handling and presentation of evidence.

The acquittal, based on the benefit of doubt, suggests potential gaps or weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. The court’s expression of indignation over the police investigation adds an additional layer of scrutiny to the overall legal proceedings.

As the legal landscape surrounding Shahnawaz Amir’s involvement in both cases unfolds, the public remains vigilant, keen to understand the implications of these developments on the Sara Inam murder case and the broader issue of justice administration.

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