Pink up your pout this summer

summer lipstick shades

ISLAMABAD: Level up your make-up game this summer with the top five prettiest lipstick shades of 2023. In the sweltering heat, no one likes to cake on heavy layers of foundation. That’s why lipstick is key: a natural nude or a bright pop of colour can transform your entire look.

Hot Pink
Firstly, we cannot ignore the Barbie era that has captured everyone’s hearts this season. Your summer aesthetic would be incomplete without a hot pink shade in your vanity. This is an opportunity to be playful with your lip-colour, and add a touch of romcom to your life.

Loreal’s line of Intense Volume Matte Lipsticks comes in a variety of bright pinks, but any hot pink lipstick will do the trick.

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Plum Berry
Deep berry shades can add a brightness to an otherwise understated look. Channel your confidence with a rich hue, reminiscent of fruity flavours. MAC’s underrated deep berry purple ‘Rebel’ is a personal recommendation.

Sultry Coral
A warm toned coral is timeless, but the medium brown shade has recently made a massive comeback. Sultry and soft, this shade is for the romantics. Bobbi Brown’s ‘Retro Coral’ is much raved about. A cheaper local alternative could be ‘Capricorn’ by Sara Ali Cosmetics.

Modest Nude
Nude is never out of style. Sometimes an understated shade can go a long way to counter a bright outfit. Loreal’s Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stains are lightweight and work on every complexion.

Conversely, an outfit that calls for something dark pairs well with a mauve shade. Mauve is neutral and versatile enough to deserve a place on your summer vanity. If not traditionally ‘summery’, it works perfectly as a transitional shade as our erratic weather patterns take us from scorching heat to monsoon.

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