Offset drops lawsuit against Quality Control Music


NEW YORK: American rapper Offset has filed to dismiss his 2022 lawsuit against Quality Control Music, the record label that Migos was associated with, as reported by Variety.

According to the media reports, the legal documents, dated August 4 and submitted on Tuesday, request an immediate and final dismissal.

The reports said that in the lawsuit, which was filed last August, Offset said that Quality Control (QC) continued to assert ownership of his recent individual music releases, even though the rapper had reacquired the rights in a deal from 2021, for which he had paid a substantial amount.

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According to the complaint, Offset claimed that the label’s ownership over his personal music recordings and songwriting was “erroneous and intentionally violated Offset’s entitlement to his own music.”

Meanwhile, only two months following this lawsuit was filed, Takeoff, a member of Migos, was killed in a shooting outside a bowling alley in Houston. The police reported that he was an unintended victim.

Both Offset and the other Migos member, Quavo, were now pursuing their own music careers. However, they paid tribute to their fallen bandmate and even performed together at the BET Awards in his memory.

As highlighted in a May cover story by Variety, Offset had completed work on his upcoming solo album and planned to release it through Capitol Music Group in the near future. He already released a single from this project titled Jealousy, a collaboration with his wife, Cardi B, on July 28.

Earlier this year, Offset expressed his intentions to fully dedicate himself to his solo career, stating, “The goal is to fully embrace it and make a significant impact in the industry as a solo artist. I’m ready to break through and make my mark. Everything is in place for my next chapter. It’s my moment.”

Meanwhile, Quavo’s solo album, Rocket Power, is set to be released on QC on August 18.

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