Odyssey: Chitral’s mini museum and tale of millennia of culture


Usman Sultan

CHITRAL: Nestled within the lush fields of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Chitral district lies a captivating and alluring attraction — a private marvel museum adorned with enchanting and intriguing artifacts.

Situated in the Laspur valley’s serene haven of Harchin, this museum stands as a testament to the rich history of the region.

Amidst verdant farmlands, this compact museum houses an assortment of treasures from the annals of history. Positioned along Shandur Road, it beckons visitors to explore the trove of bygone eras.

Spanning countless centuries, the exhibits within unveil the existence of days long past. Displayed are tools and instruments that once nurtured agrarian life, accoutrements used in farming, and instruments of warfare that echo a different age. These fragments of history, displayed within the confines of this modest yet remarkable museum, encapsulate the heritage of Upper Chitral’s Laspur.

Weapons wielded in battles of the 11th century, traditional attire, handcrafted wooden artifacts, household utensils, musical instruments, and more find their place within these walls, celebrating the legacy of the past.

Owner Aftali speaks of the museum’s purpose to enlighten the younger generation about local traditions and cultural norms. For the realisation of this objective, he says he has meticulously established this marvel museum with his own resources, embracing the responsibility for its upkeep and all related expenses.

Nestled amidst the rugged Chitral mountains, this modest museum has not only garnered local attention but has also become a focal point for both domestic and international tourists seeking to delve into history’s tapestry.

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