Nadia Jamil’s daughter Nuri’s miraculous journey to radiant resilience

Nadia Jamil

LAHORE: Actress cum activist Nadia Jamil emotionally recounted the transformative journey she embarked upon with her adoptive daughter, Nuri.

During a chat show Mazaaq Raat,  she shared that what started as the story of a visually impaired three-month-old infant has evolved into a testament of love, resilience, and an astonishing miracle.

Nadia Jamil candidly shared her first encounter with Nuri, describing her as a confident and happy child. Unbeknownst to her at the time, this meeting would set the stage for a remarkable chapter in both their lives.

“When I saw Nuri, she was three months old. She was visually impaired. She was a confident and happy child. I held her and took her to Ali and said, ‘I want to adopt her.’ He instantly agreed,” recalled Nadia, capturing the emotional depth of that transformative moment.

The journey took an unexpected turn when the doctor revealed that Nuri would need surgery at the age of two and a half for a cornea transplant, with subsequent procedures planned for the other eye.

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Amid the uncertainty, a glimmer of hope emerged when the doctor introduced three new eye drops as an experimental treatment. Nadia, who was in London with her sons at the time, received a call from Ali that would change everything.

“I was in London with my sons at that time when Ali called me and said that she could see. I said, ‘No, I don’t believe it, this can’t be, how can it be?’ Ali videocalled me from there and showed me,” shared Nadia, reflecting on the disbelief turned into overwhelming joy. Taking a moment to suppress tears, she said, “Nuri is my miracle.”

Nuri’s journey from visual impairment to gaining sight without any medical procedures stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the extraordinary power of love.

The experimental eye drops became the unexpected catalyst for this miraculous transformation, defying medical expectations and leaving the family in awe.

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