Murder, suicides claim five lives, intervention saves one youth

suicide attempt

NOORPUR THAL/MULTAN: Tragedy struck across Punjab as five individuals lost their lives in separate murder and suicides incidents, while a vigilant local Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) intervened just in time to talk a distressed youth out of taking his own life.

In Noorpur Thal, a heart-wrenching incident unfolded when 20-year-old Amir from Rangpur Baghor ended his own life after fatally shooting his love interest, Mehwish. The engagement between Amir and his cousin Mehwish had been arranged since childhood. However, Mehwish’s recent marriage to someone else left Amir devastated, leading to the tragic event.

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In Multan, domestic violence turned fatal as Ahmed Nawaz, accompanied by his brother Fayaz, entered the home of his mother-in-law Maqsood Bibi. Saima, the elder daughter, had been enduring abuse from her husband Fayaz. A heated argument escalated into a deadly shooting, claiming the lives of 33-year-old Saima and her 27-year-old sister Shahnaz. Hours later, Ahmed Nawaz reportedly took his own life.

Meanwhile, in another Multan incident, unemployed youth Mehrab of Double Phatak attempted suicide by jumping from a 150-foot-high tower at Sadu Hassam Chowk. Swift response from local authorities, including police and rescue teams, prevented the tragedy.

Former MPA Salman Naeem played a crucial role in negotiating with Mehrab, successfully convincing him to descend from the tower. Naeem assured the distressed youngster that his concerns would be addressed amicably, offering a glimmer of hope in the face of despair.

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