Miss Universe 2023: Erica Robin debuts as first Pakistani contestant

ISLAMABAD: The 2023 Miss Universe pageant witnessed a groundbreaking moment with Erica Robin, a Karachi-born model, representing Pakistan for the first time in the pageant’s 72-year history. This marked a significant milestone, not just for Pakistan but for the pageant itself.

Erica, who belongs to the Christian minority in Pakistan, has emerged as a symbol of diversity and cultural representation.

Erica’s journey to the Miss Universe stage began in 2020, launching her career in professional modelling and earning recognition in Pakistan’s renowned Diva Magazine. Her crowning as Miss Universe Pakistan in September 2023 was a remarkable achievement, signaling a new era in the country’s representation on global platforms.

Despite her trailblazing presence, Erica’s participation in the pageant was met with mixed reactions in Pakistan, including significant backlash. Nonetheless, she remained undeterred, making a bold statement at the Miss Universe event by wearing a burkini during the swimsuit competition. This choice was not just a personal one but also a reflection of her commitment to showcasing her cultural roots.

Erica actively participates in humanitarian efforts, in addition to her modeling career, as a part of the Red Cross Youth Philippines. This underscores her dedication to social welfare and volunteerism, extending her influence beyond the fashion and beauty sectors.

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At the Miss Universe pageant, Erica stood out among over 80 participants from around the globe, securing a place in the top 20 contestants. Her unique and culturally-rich ensembles at the event highlighted her dedication to representing her heritage on the international stage.

While Erica Robin did not make it to the top 10, Erica’s participation in the Miss Universe pageant remains a significant milestone, symbolizing cultural diversity and inclusivity in such international events.

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