Maya Ali takes internet by storm in new campaign

ISLAMABAD: Actress Maya Ali has taken X (nee Twitter) by storm after recently taking part in a promotional photoshoot for a local brand, demonstrating her association with fashion in a unique way.

Teaming up with fellow actor Wahaj Ali, the two on-screen partners showcased a collection of finely crafted garments that radiate elegance. The pair’s undeniable on-screen chemistry shot Maya Ali to trending, as social media users expressed their admiration.

‘Izhar’ by designer brand Mushq is a campaign narrative depicting a romantic scene between the two characters: “In the balcony where they first met, destiny reunites them after five years. Amongst the celebration of a friend’s wedding, Rumi and Sonia’s eyes met, rekindling a flame that time could not extinguish. Shy smiles give way to an embrace that speaks of longing and memories shared.”

The campaign narrative continued, “As the festivities whirl around them, their fingers find each other’s, tracing the lines of a story paused but never forgotten. In this moment, under the same place that witnessed their first encounter, two hearts find their way back to each other.”

While some fans are still on the Wahaj Ali x Yumna Zaidi bandwagon, the overwhelming response to Mushq’s campaign suggests a new found fanbase for this pairing.

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