Mahira Khan’s entry sends shockwaves at Jeddah Film Festival

Mahira Khan

JEDDAH: Glamorous Pakistani actress Mahira Khan sent shockwaves through the tabloid scene as she was spotted in a wheelchair during the Jeddah Film Festival.

The “Legend of Maula Jatt” star rocked a leg cast, and a juicy video circulating on social media captured the drama as she was assisted out of the wheelchair on the red carpet.

Surrounded by a mysterious entourage, Mahira bravely limped the rest of the way with the help of a sleek black crutch. Fans are going wild, and rumors about the cause of her injury are spreading like wildfire.

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Our tabloid spies reveal that Mahira Khan, known for her style, arrived at the film festival in a stunning white dress paired with a simple brown belt. But what’s the real story behind the wheelchair entrance? Could it be a secret movie stunt or a love saga in the making?

This surprising turn of events comes just weeks after Mahira’s whirlwind wedding with business tycoon Salim Karim.

The tabloid world was buzzing with videos and images from the hush-hush ceremony, and now, with this wheelchair saga, it seems Mahira Khan can’t stay out of the spotlight!

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