Mahira Khan and Nina Kashif to adapt Faiq Mansab’s novel for big screen?

KARACHI: Renowned actress Mahira Khan and producer Nina Kashif have acquired the rights of Faiqa Mansab’s novel This House of Clay and Water, operating under the banner of Soul Fry Films.

The writer Mansab took her to Instagram to share the news with her fans. She admired the Raees actress by appreciating her down-to-earth demeanor and called her ‘true superstar’.

“I am so happy to have Mahira and Nina at the helm for this project because they really get the essence of this story. I was immediately won over by Mahira, who is grounded and yet a true superstar. In a few words, she showed me how deeply she understood my novel. Few people have shown such insight. My novel is in extremely good hands. I look forward to seeing it on screen. Thank you to all who believe in my stories!” Mansab said.

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Meanwhile, both Khan and Kashif sahred their thoughts about the novels and lauded its poetic prowess. While talking to the Book Brunch, they said, “This House of Clay and Water is one of the most poetic pieces of writing that we have come across from our part of the world. Each character stays with you, you feel invested in all of them. A story that is so different and yet so rooted. It would be an honor for us to adapt it for our screen audience. We are so grateful to Faiqa for putting her trust in us with what we feel is a piece of her heart, and now ours.”

This House of Clay and Water, released in May 2017, revolved around the lives of two women, Nida and Sasha, as they navigate a world that often left them feeling estranged.

As per the media reports, the collaboration between the three talented ladies would present a promising stride in evolving the landscape of Pakistani entertainment. However, no official statement has been released regarding the nature of the project, leaving fans curious about whether it will be a film, TV show, or a webseries.

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