Lahore readies for ‘New Year’ celebrations

New Year celebrations
  • Punjab police warns strict action against aerial firing, rioting, and one-wheeling

LAHORE: As the countdown to the New Year begins, Punjab, including Lahore, is all set to ensure a safe and festive atmosphere for the residents. The Punjab Police has announced the completion of comprehensive security arrangements to safeguard the public during the New Year Night celebrations.

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A whopping 21,413 dedicated officers will be on duty across Punjab to maintain law and order and ensure the well-being of citizens. In Lahore, 2,373 officers and personnel will be strategically posted to cover various areas and venues where celebrations are expected.

To enhance security measures, the Punjab Police will also deploy 271 metal detectors and install 236 cameras at key locations. These technological interventions aim to monitor and manage the crowd effectively, ensuring a smooth and secure celebration for everyone.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Punjab Police emphasised their commitment to public safety. The authorities have vowed to take strict action against activities that could endanger the festivities, such as aerial firing, rioting, and one-wheeling. This proactive approach seeks to deter any potential disruptions and create a cheerful environment for the New Year revelers.

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Residents are encouraged to cooperate with the security forces and follow safety guidelines to make the celebrations not only joyful but also incident-free. As Punjab gears up to welcome the New Year, the focus remains on creating a positive and secure atmosphere for everyone to usher in 2024 with happiness and peace of mind.

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