Keep tomatoes fresh for days with scotch tape hack


WEB DESK: In the culinary realm, a perfectly ripe tomato adds a burst of flavor to various dishes, from refreshing salads to classic BLTs.

However, the challenge lies in the short window before tomatoes turn mushy and slightly spoiled. Many methods have been tried, from storing them upside down to sealing them in jars, but none have been entirely satisfactory.

Refrigeration does extend the shelf life of tomatoes, but it often comes at the cost of flavor and texture. Turning a fresh tomato upside down on the counter seemed initially dubious but yielded some success in prolonging freshness for a day or two by shielding the “opening” spot from heat and light.

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Among the tried methods, including an attempt vacuum-seal tomatoes in a jar proved effective but required a significant investment.

Now, a novel and surprisingly effective technique has emerged as the favorite: cellophane tape, commonly known as Scotch tape.

Applying Scotch tape securely over the spot where the tomato was attached to the vine creates a barrier, preserving moisture and warding off potential bacteria and mold. The results are impressive—tomatoes can be left on the counter for up to 10 days without a noticeable change in texture or flavor.

The cost-effective and efficient method has outshone other preservation approaches, including vacuum-sealing. The simplicity and effectiveness of the tape method have made it the preferred choice for storing fresh tomatoes.

Whether leaving the green leafy bit on or removing it, the key is to cover the cut stem and green “blossomy” part completely, ensuring the tape creates a protective barrier.

The groundbreaking method, utilising a common household item, is hailed as the ultimate solution to keeping tomatoes fresh for an extended period. The kitchen tape dispenser has now earned its place among essential tools in the pursuit of preserving culinary freshness.

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