Jenna Ortega exits Scream VII following Melissa Barrera’s removal over pro-Palestine posts

Jenna Ortega

WEB DESK: In a surprising twist for the Scream franchise, Jenna Ortega, a key player in the success of Scream VI, has chosen not to participate in the upcoming Scream VII.

According to international media, this decision follows the recent removal of fellow star Melissa Barrera, who faced backlash for a social media post critical of Israel.

Production company Spyglass has taken a strong stance against antisemitism, stating a “zero-tolerance” policy, leading to Barrera’s removal.

However, Ortega’s departure is reported to be linked to scheduling conflicts rather than a statement of support for her co-star’s firing, according to insiders cited by Variety.

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As the Scream cast undergoes unexpected changes, calls for a boycott of the franchise and its production company are emerging.

Some speculate whether Ortega’s exit is a strategic move. A social media user expressed skepticism, stating, “‘Jenna Ortega not returning for Scream 7 has nothing to do with Melissa Barrera’s firi-‘ what a crock of s***. You really expect me to believe Jenna walking less than 24 hours after Melissa’s firing is a coincidence when she herself is also openly pro-Palestine? GET REAL!”

Amidst the controversy, fans express disappointment and frustration, with one tweet declaring, “As far as I’m concerned, this is the perfect ending for the scream franchise #JusticeForMelissaBarrera #MelissaBarrera #scream7.”

According to Deadline, the script for Scream VII is still in progress, and Ortega, a Primetime Emmy nominee, is committed to shooting the second season of Netflix’s Wednesday in Ireland from April onwards. The shooting schedule for Wednesday’s second season is yet to be revealed.

The unexpected developments come after SAG-AFTRA strike repercussions, with Beetlejuice requiring additional shooting days to meet its theatrical release deadline in Labour Day 2024.

Ortega played a significant role in the success of Scream VI, contributing to the franchise’s best opening grosses at $44.4 million domestically and $67 million globally.

In the previous Scream films, Jenna Ortega portrayed Tara Carpenter, while Barrera played Sam Carpenter in the recently released Scream VI.

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