Israel-Palestine conflict: Faryal Makhdoom faces threats over support for Palestine


LONDON: YouTube celebrity and wife of former boxer Amir Khan has revealed that she has been targeted with threats due to her vocal support for Palestine.

According to media reports, Makhdoom recently shared a screenshot of a menacing message received via WhatsApp, bearing an anonymous Israeli caller ID.


Despite the threatening message, Makhdoom remains undeterred. She shared the screenshot alongside a message that read, “I got this message last night. Like it’s going to stop me from posting the truth.”

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Faryal Makhdoom, like many other public figures, has utilised her substantial online following to draw attention to the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The renewed spotlight on the conflict follows heightened tensions in the region, triggered by a recent attack by Hamas on Southern Israel on October 7.

Taking to her Instagram account, Makhdoom has shared a series of pro-Palestine posts and criticised the Israeli government’s longstanding occupation of Palestinian territories. Additionally, she has urged fellow celebrities to take a stand against the escalating violence and atrocities in Gaza.

Makhdoom’s outspoken support for Palestine has evoked diverse reactions from her fanbase. While some express concern and appreciation for her unwavering support for Palestinians, there has also been strong backlash from those who support Israel.

One user commented, “Not condemning Hamas for beheading babies in front of their parents? Hamas are the Palestinians’ worst enemy. They could have turned Gaza into a Singapore of the Middle East. Instead, their only desire is to kill Jews at the expense of their own people.”

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