Google doodle honours ‘Uncle Sargam’ on his 78th Birthday

Uncle Sargam

ISLAMABAD: In a heartfelt tribute, Google changed its doodle on Tuesday to honour Pakistan’s trailblazing puppeteer Farooq Qasier aka Uncle Sargam on his 78th birthday, celebrated on October 31.

Farooq Qasier, a distinguished graduate and gold medalist from Lahore’s National College of Arts, is celebrated for bringing to life beloved characters like Uncle Sargam and Massi Museebtay, which captured the hearts of audiences throughout the 80s and 90s.

Widely recognised as the pioneer of puppet shows in Pakistan, Qasier embarked on his career with the enchanting children’s puppet show, Akkar Bakkar. Over the years, his portfolio expanded to include popular productions like Kaliyan, Sargam Sargam, Daak Time, Sargam Time, Siyasi Kaliyan and Sargam.

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Nonetheless, it was the characters Uncle Sargam and Massi Museebtey that achieved unparalleled fame and hold a special place in the memories of those who grew up during that era.

In a 2017 interview with Geo News, when asked about the challenges facing the television industry, Qaiser emphasised the need for music, fine arts, and acting academies to groom the next generation and propel the industry forward.

After an extraordinary career that spanned nearly five decades, the esteemed artist passed away due to a cardiac arrest on May 14 2021. Farooq Qasier’s legacy endures in the hearts of those he touched through his timeless creations and his enduring contributions to the world of puppetry.

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