Faysal Qureshi goes candid about working in Bollywood, life, and career

Faysal Qureshi

WEB DESK: Pakistani actor Faysal Qureshi candidly opens up about his professional journey in showbiz, his own experiences, working in Bollywood and his strong dedication for humanitarian cause.

During the episode of FWhy Podcast with Frieha Altaf, Qureshi expressed reservations about working in Bollywood. He highlighted the contentious nature of some Indian portrayals of Pakistan.

He stressed the importance of fostering harmony and understanding between the two nations, affirming, “We don’t get along there. I say whatever is in my heart. My fans get upset too, but what can one do? At this point, if you want a hit Bollywood film, you must abuse Pakistan.”

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Hailing from Lahore, Faysal Qureshi initiated his acting career in the same city, but familial ties drew him to Karachi temporarily. Recalling those times, he disclosed, “The time was such that we had to run back.” Faysal, who entered the film industry in 1992 and starred in 19 movies by 1996, faced personal turmoil with his father’s ailing health during the release of his debut film. He recounted, “When my first movie was released, he was on the bed in a coma.”

Meanwhile, the Bashar Momin actor shared tales of financial hardships, including being evicted from a rented home due to payment issues, shedding light on the harsh realities he confronted on his ascent to stardom.

During the podcast, Faysal also revealed his childhood crush on actress Babra Sharif and shared insights into his children’s interests, describing his daughter Aayat’s passion for reading and writing and characterising his son Farman as a “typical boy.”

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