Fan and support alligator Wally denied entry into Phillies game


 A Philadelphia Phillies fan and his emotional support alligator Wally were denied entry into a Major League Baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday.

The fan, identified by the Philadelphia Inquirer as Joie Henney, arrived at Citizens Bank Park walking Wally on a leash, claiming the nearly five-foot alligator as his service animal.

The stadium’s policy on support animals on the Phillies official website states: “Certified service dogs or service dogs in training for guests with special needs are welcome. All other animals are prohibited.”

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In 1945, William Sianis put a curse on the Chicago Cubs when he and his goat were denied entry into a World Series game.

Outraged at not being able to watch his beloved Cubs, Sianis placed “The Curse of the Billy Goat” on the team saying they would never again win a World Series.

The Cubs would not play in another World Series for 71 years, the curse finally broken in 2016 when the team celebrated their first championship in 108 years.

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