Fairy Tale director spills beans on transformative chemistry of Hamza Sohail-Sehar Khan

Fairy Tale

WEB DESK: HUM TV’s Fairy Tale’s director Ali Hassan provided a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges faced by lead actors Hamza Sohail and Sehar Khan in developing on-screen chemistry.

Acknowledging the initial lack of connection between the actors, Hassan shared insights into the steps taken to remedy the situation and enhance their on-screen dynamics.

Upon reviewing early footage, Hassan candidly addressed the apparent absence of chemistry between Sohail and Khan.

Advising the duo to communicate and establish a connection, he recounted, “They went to the side, spoke. Ali Safina was present on set, the two were chit-chatting with him. I was looking from afar. I could see that they were doing something. They came back – perfectly fine.”

Highlighting the transformative power of communication and collaboration, the director emphasised that the Fairy Tale actors, who were initially mere acquaintances, evolved into friends who actively worked on improving their scenes.

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“They became friends and they started working on scenes…There were many things that they would get done and come to me, saying, ‘We’ve done this, should we go ahead?’ And I, sometimes, would say, ‘No, at this time we can’t do this, it’s a good idea, but we can’t,” he added.

Despite the initial challenges, Sohail and Khan demonstrated resilience, continuously seeking ways to positively contribute to their characters.

Hassan praised their energy and underscored their strong friendship as a driving force behind the on-screen chemistry that ultimately captivated the audience.

“They have great energy, they’re really good friends, and it’s because of that friendship that you like their characters,” Hassan explained.

He dispelled the notion that the actors confined themselves to their rooms, highlighting their dedication to rehearsal. “They rehearse a crore times. Sehar starts to get irritated, but Hamza keeps at it.”

The journey from an initial lack of chemistry to a powerful on-screen connection between Sohail and Khan reflects the dedication and collaborative spirit that went into the making of Fairy Tale.

The audience was won over by the actors’ commitment to their craft and the transformative impact of genuine friendship.

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