‘Depp v. Heard’ tops Netflix charts


CALIFORNIA: Netflix documentary series Depp v. Heard detailing Johnny Depp’s high-profile defamation lawsuit against his former spouse Amber Heard, has debuted as the top entry on the English-language TV chart in Netflix’s Top 10 rankings.

Within the viewing period spanning August 14 to 20, the series garnered  whopping 16.2 million views. The impressive debut propelled the documentary ahead of Painkiller which had premiered on August 10 and amassed a total of 7.2 million views.

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Meanwhile, Extraction 2 featuring Chris Hemsworth in the lead role, has secured the tenth spot on the Netflix top 10. The movie has garnered an impressive 129.3 million views in its initial 66 days since its release, a feat that has established it as the inaugural movie franchise to claim two entries simultaneously on the “Most Popular list”.

Notably, the accomplishment followed in the footsteps of The Gray Man marking the third AGBO movie to have made its presence felt on the list. Equally Noteworthy, the first installment of the franchise held its ground at the ninth position, having attracted 135.7 million views in the course of its initial 91 days.

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