Commercial stage dramas banned at Alhamra over ‘obscene dance’

ban on commercial stage dramas Alhamra

LAHORE: The Punjab caretaker government on Thursday imposed a ban on commercial stage dramas at Alhamra Mall Road, Lahore, due to the proliferation of indecent dances and explicit content under the guise of stage dramas.

Minister for Information and Culture, Amir Mir, has stated that all bookings for commercial stage dramas by Alhamra Arts Council have been cancelled following the imposition of restrictions.

He further mentioned that First Information Reports have also been filed against dancers involved in explicit dance performances.

He clarified that the ban on commercial dramas is limited to Alhamra Mall Road only. However, commercial dramas will continue to be held at the Alhamra Cultural Complex, within defined boundaries and regulations.

He added that a comprehensive monitoring system will be put in place to effectively counter the spread of obscenity through commercial dramas.

Earlier, Mir took action against two-stage dancers, Shama Rana and Payal Chaudhry, due to their explicit dance performances. This action came after videos of both dancers went viral on social media.



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