Cardi B hurls mic at audience member

Cardi B

LAS VEGAS: American rapper Cardi B threw her microphone at an audience member at a latest gig after the individual threw their drink over her.

In video footage shared by Pop Base, the star is seen aggressively throwing her mic at the audience before security takes over.

According to the Evening Standard, this came after another gig the night before when Cardi B was seen hurling her microphone at a DJ while performing at a club.

This is only the latest incident where a musician has been provoked during performance and reacted against fans throwing objects at them while on stage. Fans do this to get the attention of the performer, often at the cost of etiquette.

Previously, in a more shocking case, a fan threw their mother’s ashes at the stage during American singer Pink’s Hyde Park concert. The stunt worked, as Pink spoke out and addressed the fan during the concert.

American singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha, meanwhile, was left needing hospital treatment after a fan hit her in the face with a mobile phone at a New York concert.

Rexha took the blow to her forehead and was seen to stumble back before falling to her knees. She later posted a picture of her bruised face on Instagram informing fans she was fine.

Performers Harry Styles, Drake and Adele all recently spoke out, urging fans to subsist from the practice.

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