Azaan Sami delays album release in solidarity with Palestinians

Azaan Sami

WEB DESK: Renowned actor-singer Azaan Sami has taken a poignant step by postponing the release of his highly anticipated album AZAAN as a demonstration of solidarity with the Palestinian people amid the ongoing Israeli conflict in Gaza and the West Bank.

The album, initially scheduled for release on October 30, has been temporarily withheld in response to the dire situation. Azaan Sami shared this heartfelt decision with his followers on Instagram, stating, “When I create music, it’s a means to spread love. This album is no exception. If love isn’t something to celebrate, I don’t believe I’d be doing justice to the music.”

Expressing deep concern for the inhumane conditions faced by Palestinians enduring siege and conflict, Azaan Sami remarked, “It deeply saddens me to witness what’s happening in the world today. Despite my strong desire to share the music with my fans, the current circumstances don’t warrant a celebration. The atrocities in Palestine and the assault on the Muslim world affect each and every one of us.”

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Azaan Sami

In a recent surprise for his fans, Azaan released the YouTube video for one of his unreleased singles, “Nadaan Dil,” from his upcoming global album. The video showcased his recording session at the renowned Abbey Road Studios in London. This decision to postpone the album’s release reflects the collective sentiment of millions worldwide who are deeply affected by the Israeli aggression in Palestine.

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