Aima Baig talks about being suicidal amid trolling

Aima Baig

Trigger Warning 

ISLAMABAD: Renowned singer Aima Baig recently opened up about her personal battles with mental health and the challenges she faced during a difficult period of her life in a candid interview with host Rabia Mughni on Gup Shup.

Known for her sensitive and soft-hearted nature, Aima Baig shared the harrowing experience she endured when she attempted suicide due to accusations and online hate related to her relationship.

The Funkaari singer revealed that the online backlash following a scandal took a severe toll on her mental well-being, saying, “I tried committing suicide. I didn’t want to live. Because, the kind of person I am, I am a very sensitive, soft-hearted person. It all happened during a stupid scandal that nobody knew [fully] about.”

She said that the relentless trolling and hate didn’t just affect her but also her family, who were deeply affected by the negativity. She noted that her friends also suffered as a result of the situation.

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During this challenging time, the Baazi singer found solace in performing Umrah, a religious journey that she felt was a calling from Allah. She explained, “I shut myself in my room. I wouldn’t come out during those days. Umrah also happened during that time. That’s when I felt like I’m being summoned…My dad just walked into my room one fine day and said to me, ‘beta, want to go for Umrah?’ and I said ‘Yes.’ So, when I went there and I performed Umrah, and the intensity with which I performed Umrah, it felt like, Allah wanted me to heal.”

In addition to discussing her mental health struggles, Aima Baig also opened up about her battle with arthritis and the insensitivity she faced from others. She shared that some people made hurtful comments about her condition, not realising that it was due to arthritis. She encouraged anyone who suspects they may have arthritis to seek medical attention promptly, stressing that it can worsen over time.

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