Zulfikar Bhutto Jr launches Bulhan Foundation

KARACHI: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Jr, alongside his sister Fatima Bhutto and friend Menaal Munshey, has unveiled the Bulhan Foundation, a new initiative aimed at nurturing a culture of “compassion for all living beings”, both human and non-human.

In a heartfelt video shared on his Instagram account, Bhutto Jr expressed the foundation’s mission to cultivate a deep sense of care and empathy. The organisation’s emblematic figure is the Indus River dolphin, locally known as the bulhan.

Marking its inauguration on August 15, the Bulhan Foundation introduces itself as Sindh’s pioneering locally-initiated wildlife foundation. It seeks to intertwine human welfare with environmental conservation.

The foundation aims to practically implement laws favoring nature and communities. A central principle revolves around achieving progress without undermining cultural authenticity and biodiversity. It also places emphasis on safeguarding indigenous visual traditions and reviving traditional crafts to preserve the essence of human dignity.

The Bulhan Foundation is to take a comprehensive approach, incorporating disaster preparedness and relief efforts into its philosophy. The organization is also devoted to evidence-based practices and a results-oriented methodology in its endeavors.

This news comes after a bulhan was shot dead in Balochistan earlier this month. The incident prompted a strong reaction from Bhutto Jr on Instagram.

“If a bulhan is murdered, it means you have murdered a part of Sindh,” he had said.

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