You can now get a degree in social media influencing

social media influencing degree

Web Desk: A university located in the southeastern region of Ireland has announced plans to introduce the nation’s inaugural degree program in social media influencing.

Southeast Technical University in Carlow is preparing to launch the Bachelor of Arts program in Content Creation and Social Media, with application opportunities set to commence in November. The university is slated to admit its inaugural group of students in September 2024.

The four-year curriculum will include a range of subjects, including business skills, video and audio editing, critical cultural studies, and creative writing.

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In an interview with the Irish broadcaster RTÉ, Dr Eleanor O’Leary, is a lecturer in media and communications at the university, noted a rising interest in this field from prospective students and employers alike.

Dr O’Leary explained that graduates from the program will be well-prepared to either establish their independent careers or pursue opportunities within established organizations.

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