Water flow update: rivers and reservoirs maintain stable levels

Dhabeji pumping station

KARACHI: The Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has provided the latest figures on water conditions in key rivers and reservoirs across Pakistan, offering insights into the current state of water inflow and outflow.


Indus River at Tarbela:

   – Inflow: 22,200 cusecs

   – Outflow: 45,000 cusecs

Jhelum River at Mangala:

   – Inflow: 5,600 cusecs

   – Outflow: 30,000 cusecs

Chashma Barrage:

   – Inflow: 41,900 cusecs

   – Outflow: 45,000 cusecs

Chenab River at Head Marala:

   – Inflow: 7,400 cusecs

   – Outflow: 2,000 cusecs

Kabul River at Nowshera:

   – Inflow: 7,200 cusecs

   – Outflow: 7,200 cusecs

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Tarbela Reservoir:

   – Water Storage: 3.154 lakh acre feet

Mangala Reservoir:

   – Water Storage: 3.76 lakh acre feet

Chashma Reservoir:

   – Water Storage: 49,000 acre feet

Overall Reservoir Status:

   – Total Water Storage in Tarbela, Mangala, and Chashma Reservoir: 6.279 thousand acre feet

The data provided by WAPDA indicates a relatively stable flow of water in the mentioned rivers and satisfactory water storage levels in the reservoirs. These figures are crucial for assessing the water availability and managing the country’s water resources effectively.

The WAPDA spokesperson emphasised that monitoring and maintaining these water levels are essential for various purposes, including agricultural activities, hydroelectric power generation, and overall water resource management. Stakeholders and the public are encouraged to stay informed about water conditions, especially in the context of ensuring sustainable water usage in different sectors.

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