Very cold, dry weather likely to persist in most KP districts

KP weather

PESHAWAR: The Regional Meteorological Center Peshawar on Thursday predicted that very cold and dry weather is likely to occur in most districts of the province, however partly cloudy weather is expected during evening and night. It said that foggy conditions are likely to occur over Peshawar, Charsadda, Nowshera, Mardan, Karak, Bannu, Laki Marwat, Swabi, D.I. Khan and Tank districts as well as over Motorway (M1) / Highways in morning and night hours.

During the last 24 hours, very cold and dry weather prevailed over most districts of the province, while moderate foggy conditions prevailed over some plain areas.

Rainfall recorded in the province was nil.

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The maximum and minimum temperatures recorded in centigrade at various stations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are as follows:

Peshawar: 19°C (max) / 03°C (min)
Chitral: 17°C (max) / -02°C (min)
Timergara: 19°C (max) / 00°C (min)
Dir: 18°C (max) / -03°C (min)
Mirkhani: 18°C (max) / 00°C (min)
Kalam: 13°C (max) / -06°C (min)
Drosh: 16°C (max) / 02°C (min)
Saidu Sharif: 17°C (max) / 01°C (min)
Pattan: 20°C (max) / 04°C (min)
Malam Jabba: 11°C (max) / 00°C (min)
Takht Bhai: 19°C (max) / 01°C (min)
Kakul: 17°C (max) / 00°C (min)
Balakot: 18°C (max) / 01°C (min)
Parachinar: 13°C (max) / -01°C (min)
Bannu: 19°C (max) / 04°C (min)
Cherat: 14°C (max) / 06°C (min)
DI Khan City: 17°C (max) / 05°C (min)
The lowest temperatures recorded in the province were -06°C in Kalam and -03°C in Dir.-INP

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