Vehicle registration: virtual smart cards to tackle backlog woes

motor vehicle registration

LAHORE: Amid escalating concerns and a mounting backlog of pending smart registration cards for vehicle registration, the Punjab Excise Department is contemplating the introduction of a pioneering initiative — virtual smart cards, akin to the digital format of a driving license.

In response to a rising chorus of discontent from citizens awaiting their smart cards, the department acknowledged the persistent delays attributed primarily to the intricacies of the tendering process. This backlog has resulted in a substantial number of applicants reporting non-receipt of their smart cards, despite having submitted their applications several weeks ago.

Addressing the inconvenience faced by citizens, the department assured them that the delayed deliveries are a temporary setback and a strategic plan is underway to mitigate the backlog.

A comprehensive summary outlining the proposal for virtual smart cards has been submitted to the Punjab government for consideration.

Punjab Excise dept to launch online registration of vehicles

Once approved, the virtual smart cards will be generated online immediately after the vehicle registration process, mirroring the functionality of a digital driving license.

 Citizens will have the convenience of downloading the virtual card directly from the Excise Department’s website and printing it at their discretion.

The delay in the issuance of smart cards follows the department’s recent decision to suspend production after the contracted manufacturing company ceased its operations. This unexpected development compounded the challenges in delivering essential documents to citizens in a timely manner.

In a concurrent effort to streamline the registration process and enhance citizen convenience, the Excise Department has ALSO introduced a doorstep service for car and bike registrations. To avail this service, individuals can book an appointment through the Punjab Information Technology Board’s helpline at 080008786.

A designated representative from the department will then visit the applicant’s doorstep, facilitating an on-the-spot resolution to the registration process and ensuring a more efficient and citizen-centric service delivery.

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