Political sloganeering: US policeman arrested from Gujrat

US policeman Gujrat

GUJRAT: Gujrat police has apprehended Zain Cheema, a Pakistani-origin US policeman, for his alleged involvement in a road blockade and the chanting of political slogans.

The arrest transpired during a late-night raid at the residence of independent political candidate Mudassir Machiana.

Zain Cheema, now facing accusations of actively participating in the road obstruction alongside political workers, has become a focal point of the ongoing investigation.

The incident has led to the registration of a case by the police against both the political workers and the US policeman in Gujrat.

The motive behind Cheema’s involvement in the political activities remains unclear, prompting authorities to investigate deeper into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the arrest has stirred interest and raised questions about the dynamics at play in this unusual situation.

The case will undergo thorough scrutiny to determine the extent of Cheema’s role and the implications of his actions.

The US embassy has yet to give its reaction and comment in this regard.

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