Unidentified man fatally attacked by four lions at Bahawalpur zoo


BAHAWALPUR: In a harrowing incident at a zoo in Bahawalpur, a man met a tragic fate after being fatally injured by four Bengali lions.

The identity of the victim remains unknown at this time.

Rescue sources have reported that the citizen fell victim to an attack by the lions, and investigations are underway to determine how he entered the lions’ enclosure and why his presence went unnoticed by zoo authorities.

Zoo administration had arrived to feed the tigers in the morning when they discovered the man’s body in the tiger’s cage.

Authorities say the incident may have occurred at night and they are investigating how the man entered the cage.

Bahawalpur zoo mourns the loss of beloved lioness ‘Buddy’

According to the deputy commissioner of Bahawalpur, preliminary findings suggest a case of sheer negligence, emphasizing that the deceased individual was not affiliated with the zoo administration.

Efforts are underway to establish the true identity of the citizen, shedding light on the circumstances that led to this unfortunate and preventable incident.

Authorities are actively working to gather facts and ascertain the details surrounding the incident, underscoring the need for a thorough investigation into the lapse in security that allowed such a tragic event to occur.

Earlier the Bahawalpur Zoo was grieving the passing of Buddy, a lioness who succumbed to illness after a prolonged battle with health complications.

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