TweetDeck now requires paid subscription

WEB DESK: Marketers, journalists, and avid news consumers have been met with an unwelcome surprise: Twitter, now rebranded as X, has introduced a paywall for access to its renowned TweetDeck feature.

Previously known for its efficiency in managing real-time feeds, TweetDeck has undergone a transformation into X Pro. Originally acquired by Twitter in 2011 as a popular platform for accessing the site, the service had historically been free.

However, a July announcement from X marked a shift towards a subscriber-only model. With the change now in effect, users seeking the advanced capabilities of X Pro are required to subscribe to X Premium. Introduced by Elon Musk, the platform’s owner, X Premium aims to bolster the company’s revenue stream through subscription fees amounting to $84 annually.

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Subscribers to X Premium will not only gain access to X Pro but also receive a blue verification checkmark on their profiles, along with prioritized rankings in search results, longer post access, and fewer ads.

This isn’t the first notable change under Musk’s stewardship. His $44 billion acquisition of Twitter in the previous year led to swift actions, including substantial layoffs and the introduction of significant new features and policies. A recent comprehensive rebranding effort was also announced in July, leading to Twitter’s transformation into X.

As TweetDeck transitions to X Pro with a subscription barrier, its impact on user engagement and Twitter’s financial outlook remains to be seen.

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