Transporters reduce fares


LAHORE: In the wake of a decline in petroleum prices, commuters traveling between Lahore and Islamabad can now rejoice as the fares for this route has witnessed a noteworthy reduction of Rs 80.

The decision to lower transportation costs came into effect following the directives of the caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi.

Various transport companies based in Lahore promptly responded to the drop in fuel prices by slashing fares by 5 to 10 percent. Notable adjustments include the Leh AC bus fare, which decreased from Rs 2200 to Rs 2100, the Bahawalpur AC bus fare, which now stands at Rs 1650 instead of Rs 1750, and the Multan A bus fare, reduced from Rs 1850 to Rs 1650. Passengers traveling from Muzaffargarh will now pay Rs 1800 instead of the previous Rs 2050, while those heading to Fort Abbas will experience a reduction from Rs 1800 to Rs 1700.

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Specifically, the fares for the journey from Lahore to Islamabad has been revised from Rs 2760 to Rs 2680. Likewise, commuters traveling to Karachi will benefit from a reduced fare of Rs 6150, down from Rs 6350. The Peshawar route now costs Rs 2430, down from Rs 2530, and those headed to Quetta will pay Rs 3600 instead of Rs 3800.

This move not only reflects the responsiveness of the transport sector to changes in fuel prices but also brings a tangible financial relief to passengers traversing these popular routes.

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