Honour killing: Father kills daughter, friend

target Killing

Karachi— In a series of distressing events, three individuals have lost their lives while one person sustained injuries in two separate shooting incidents that occurred in the bustling metropolitan city.

In the first incident a young girl and her alleged ‘paramour’ were killed for honour in the provincial capital on Friday, police said.

Laraib and 17-year-old Hassan were shot and killed by Rafique Sheikh who admitted to killing his daughter for honour.

The Sohrab Goth SDPO said initial police findings suggested that Rafique left home to trace the whereabouts of his daughter after she didn’t return home in the night.

After spotting Laraib and Hassan in a car on Abul Hassan Isphani Road, the suspect got infuriated and opened fire.

The firing left both the youngsters dead.

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Police lifted empty shells of a pistol from the spot and took Rafique and his son into custody.

According to the SDPO, suspect has confessed to his crime.

In another incident near Pak Colony Bara Road in Karachi, a gunfire erupted, leading to the unfortunate demise of one individual.

During this incident, another person was wounded and subsequently rushed to a local medical facility for urgent treatment, according to sources from the rescue services.

The investigation into these deeply unsettling incidents remains an ongoing endeavor as law enforcement strives to uncover the full scope of the events that transpired.

The heart-wrenching events have sent shockwaves through the city, prompting both sorrow and calls for heightened awareness regarding such grievous matters.

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