15 arrested as traders reject smog lockdown

traders smog lockdown

LAHORE: Traders community rejecting the smog lockdown has dubbed the step as ‘economic murder’.

Punjab government had announced partial lock down of trade activities on Friday and Saturday and a complete lock down on Sunday due to the alarming fog situation.

On Friday, all public and private schools remained closed but traders rejected the idea of smart lockdown and expressed their concerns over government’s decision to close the business centers.

Trader association central president Sultan Mahmood said traders have rejected the decree issued by the Punjab government to close business markets.

“We will open the shops tomorrow and the day after,” he said.

The businessmen demand that the government should reconsider its decision to stop ‘economic murder’ of the businessmen.

Multan traders also rejected the announcement of the Punjab government to smart locks in Multan division to battle smog.

In Sialkot, 17 shops were sealed in Sports Market at Bank Road for violating smog lockdown and 15 traders were arrested.

Meanwhile the Lahore High Court has also taken a decisive step by issuing an order to address the ongoing smog crisis by ordering to close cafes by 10 pm.

The decision aims to control activities contributing to air pollution, especially during the evening hours.

LHC had earlier allowed cafes to operate until 11 pm specifically on weekends.

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However, strict warnings were issued that any cafe found in violation of these regulations would face immediate closure, according to the court’s instructions.

The court has also directed Deputy Commissioners to take swift action by sealing factories contributing to environmental degradation.

These DCs are required to submit detailed reports for the upcoming hearings, highlighting their efforts to combat smog in the region.

Justice Shahid Kareem emphasized the urgency of implementing effective measures to control smog, asserting that without tight actions, the situation is unlikely to improve.

He stressed that the funds that used for road development could have been utilised more effectively to address the pressing issue of smog control.

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