This Tesla is much cheaper than the price of Land Cruiser in Pakistan

Tesla model 3 price in Pakistan

WEB DESK: Tesla cars have made a prominent entry onto Pakistani roads, with several showrooms and car dealers taking the initiative to import these fully electric vehicles.

Undoubtedly, Pakistanis who can afford them have shown a strong affinity for these electric cars.

In the face of escalating petrol prices in Pakistan, a segment of the population remains hesitant to embrace fully electric cars, such as Tesla, primarily due to a lack of awareness regarding pricing and perceived difficulties in maintenance.

Consequently, many opt for traditional fuel-powered vehicles.

One popular Tesla model, the Model 3, along with a few other variants, has begun gracing local showrooms and online car sales platforms in Pakistan.

Remarkably, the Model 3 is competitively priced, even outshining the cost of a Toyota Land Cruiser.

While a direct comparison between the two is challenging, given the Land Cruiser’s distinct league and massive V8 and V6 engines, the intriguing price contrast positions the Tesla Model 3 as a compelling option in the Pakistani used car market.

Surprisingly, the Tesla Model 3 2021 is available at a much more affordable price, around Rs18.5 million (Rs1.85 crore), in contrast to the starting price of Rs43.5 million (Rs4.35 crore) for the Toyota Land Cruiser 2017 AXG and ZX variants.

Tesla model 3 and Toyota Land Cruiser price in Pakistan
Tesla model 3 vs Toyota Land Cruiser – Price comparison

This massive price difference underscores the feasibility of transitioning to an electric car, particularly when purchasing a fuel-powered, large SUV.

This shift towards environmentally friendly vehicles becomes especially relevant in light of the escalating issues of pollution and smog in Pakistan, where electric cars can play a pivotal role in combating environmental challenges.

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Notably, the Tesla Model 3 boasts an impressive range of up to 535 kilometers on a full charge, as claimed by Tesla. This means that a single charge is sufficient for a journey from Islamabad to Lahore along the motorway.

Additionally, concerns about running low on battery or range anxiety are alleviated by the presence of electric car charging points at various M2 motorway rest areas.

While apprehensions may exist regarding the maintenance of electric cars like Tesla due to concerns about parts availability, local car workshops are increasingly stepping up to provide maintenance services and aid in the importation of necessary components.

This reflects a growing infrastructure to support the integration of electric vehicles into the Pakistani automotive landscape, dispelling some of the reservations associated with this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

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