Survey reveals impact of parental influence on children’s behavior and values


WEB DESK: In a recent survey of 1,000 children aged six to 16, nearly three-quarters believe their parents have successfully instilled positive qualities in them.

According to Mirror, the top 10 virtues identified by youngsters include saying please and thank you (72 per cent), demonstrating kindness (93 per cent), and understanding the difference between right and wrong (93 per cent).

Additionally, kids expressed that hugging friends and family (46 per cent), helping with household tasks, and making people smile are among the positive behaviors they’ve learned from their parents.

However, the survey, commissioned by Fairy Non Bio, also revealed that children have adopted some mischievous habits from their parents.

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Staying up past bedtime, being sarcastic, and even farting are among the top 10 naughty traits kids admit to picking up.

The study highlights the impact parents have on shaping their children’s personalities, with every word and action leaving a lasting impression.

Fairy Non Bio encourages parents to prioritise qualities like kindness, love, and care, advocating for a more compassionate society.

The detergent brand has partnered with Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, donating 5p from every Fairy Non Bio product purchased at Home Bargains.

The funds aim to provide vital support for children and their families during challenging times.

Despite the influence of mischievous habits, children reported performing acts of kindness in their daily lives, with 32 per cent even extending pleasantries to electronic devices like Alexa or Siri.

Liz Tait, director of fundraising at GOSH Charity, expressed gratitude for the partnership and highlighted the importance of creating special memories and spreading kindness, especially for children facing serious illness.

As the study sheds light on both positive and mischievous traits inherited by children, it underscores the significance of parental influence in shaping the values and behaviors of the younger generation.

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