Smog update: Schools closed today, tomorrow in Lahore

school closure

LAHORE: In a decisive response to the ongoing smog crisis plaguing several areas of Punjab, the provincial government has announced that schools will remain closed today and tomorrow in Lahore and adjacent nine districts.

A notification announcing the smog holidays in schools has been issued.

The Punjab Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) issued a notification which said that there would be “restricted movement” in the divisions.

It said that all public and private schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions would remain closed on Friday and Saturday in Lahore and its six divisions. It further said that all markets, shops and and restaurants would open after 3pm on both the days.

The Punjab government has rolled out a comprehensive set of measures, significantly impacting sectors ranging from education to transportation.

While a temporary reprieve has been granted to markets, restaurants, and businesses, allowing them to reopen after 3 pm, the atmosphere remains charged with tension as the smog continues to cast its prolonged shadow over the region.

Sundays have been designated as total lockdown days across the city and six divisions, compelling the closure of all markets and establishments.

Artificial rain expected in Lahore on Nov 29: How is it generated?

In a bid to address the persistent issue, the Punjab government is exploring innovative solutions. Notably, there are plans to induce artificial rain on November 29, contingent upon the formation of suitable cloud patterns—a measure aimed at mitigating the severity of the smog.

Electric bikes for students

Breaking new ground, the government has announced a forward-thinking initiative: the distribution of electric bikes to students and government employees. This progressive move seeks to impact 10,000 students in Lahore, providing them with subsidized electric bikes. The objective is clear—to reduce vehicular emissions and encourage sustainable transportation practices.

Mall road traffic restrictions and cycling promotion

To alleviate the impact of smog, Mall road in Lahore will witness a unique traffic control initiative. On Sundays, entry for vehicles will be restricted, allowing only bicycles on the historic road.

Smog holidays in divisions

The adverse effects of smog are not limited to Lahore; Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan, and Sahiwal divisions will also experience traffic restrictions and school closures due to heightened smog levels.

Air filtration initiatives

In a significant development, authorities have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs)
 to install air filters in Lahore. This move aims to address the root cause of the smog crisis and improve air quality in the long run.

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