Smog update: Lahore AQI value reaches ‘hazardous’ level

lahore smog

LAHORE: Lahore has clinched the unenviable title of the world’s most polluted city as its Air Quality Index (AQI) skyrockets to a ‘hazardous’ level of 401.

The city’s grim air quality scenario is mirrored in other urban centers, with Peshawar, Haripur, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad grappling with unhealthy air readings of 178, 158, 152, and 119, respectively.

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The AQI, a crucial gauge of air cleanliness, operates on a scale from 0 to 500. A reading surpassing 300 is deemed hazardous, triggering potential emergency measures.

 As Lahore battles this atmospheric challenge, citizens are cautioned to curtail outdoor activities, while those with health vulnerabilities are strongly advised to remain indoors.

On another front, the battle against vehicular emissions gains momentum, with 37 smoke-spewing vehicles apprehended in Lahore through vigilant surveillance by Safe City cameras.

Authorities are rallying citizen support, urging them to report instances of smog contributors to emergency services at 15.

Adding to the complexity, the noxious air situation in Delhi is casting a detrimental shadow on Lahore’s air quality, exacerbating the ongoing smog crisis in the region.

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