Chinese environmentalists investigate reasons behind Lahore’s smog

Lahore air pollution and smog

ISLAMABAD: Chinese Consul General Zhao Shiren, leading a delegation of Chinese environmental experts, engaged in a crucial meeting with Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Mohsin Naqvi at the CM Office.

The primary agenda of the meeting was to devise effective strategies to combat the persistent issue of smog in Lahore.

During the comprehensive discussions, the Chinese delegation presented a preliminary report shedding light on the root causes of smog in Lahore.

The findings highlighted various contributing factors, including the unnecessary use of organic and inorganic fuels, high atmospheric humidity, household dust and gas emissions, and pollutants originating from coal plants in India.

The experts underscored a specific ratio of different elements, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen, forming the smog.

Commending the proactive measures taken by CM Mohsin Naqvi in combating smog, the Chinese experts praised the adoption of an effective policy.

CM Naqvi, in turn, stressed the need for a comprehensive and robust report that would serve as a guiding framework for future government initiatives addressing the smog challenge.

Despite initiatives such as school closures, a ban on crop residue burning, and reduced traffic, the persistence of smog in Lahore remains evident.

CM Naqvi expressed his gratitude for the arrival of the Chinese experts and expressed anticipation for a comprehensive report that would aid in tackling the issue at its core. He underscored the importance of understanding the factors that make smog detrimental to health.

Chinese Consul General Zhao Shiren acknowledged that resolving the smog problem requires time, citing China’s successful control efforts over a seven-year period. He extended his thanks to CM Naqvi and his team for hosting and warmly welcoming the Chinese environmentalists.

The collaborative efforts between China and Punjab reflect a commitment to finding sustainable solutions to the pressing environmental challenge of smog in Lahore.

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