Lahore plunges into severe smog crisis with hazardous air quality levels

smog in Lahore intensifies air pollution

WEB DESK: Lahore is grappling with a severe air pollution crisis as smog levels persistently reach hazardous levels.

According to the global air quality monitoring platform, IQAir, Lahore registered an air quality index (AQI) of 371 in the morning.

An air quality index (AQI) below 50 is considered safe for breathing, whereas an AQI exceeding 300 is deemed hazardous, posing significant health risks.

AQI recorded in different areas of Lahore

The variation in air pollution levels across Lahore is notable. In the morning, Fida Hussain House recorded an AQI of 411, Polo Ground Cantt at 399, UMT at 371, Syed Maratib Ali Road at 337, CERP Office at 336, Lahore American School at 341, NETSOL at 315, Mall Road at 313, Generation Pvt Ltd at 311, and Pakistan Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd at 305.

Smog, characterised by a blend of smoke, dust, and fog, is impairing visibility and causing respiratory issues and eye irritation among citizens. Its primary causes include the burning of crop residue, vehicular emissions, industrial pollution, and low wind speed.

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has declared smog a ‘calamity’ and imposed a ban on burning crop residue throughout the province.

The PDMA also recommends the use of masks in Lahore, the avoidance of outdoor activities, and the utilisation of public transport to mitigate smog exposure.

Furthermore, the PDMA urges the government to take proactive measures to enhance air quality of Lahore and enforce environmental laws.

According to details, an artificial rain in Lahore is scheduled for December, aiming to bring relief to the smog-affected city and its residents.

This artificial rain is expected to contribute to the reduction of smog levels and air pollution, making the provincial capital a bit safer for breathing.

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