Smog engulfs Lahore: AQI levels rise above 200


LAHORE: Lahore, once again, finds itself in the clutches of a smog crisis, asserting its unwelcome status as the second most polluted city on the planet due to increasing Air Quality Index (AQI) levels.

On Monday morning, the city’s overall Air Quality Index (AQI) reached a worrisome level of 221, categorically labeled as ‘unhealthy’ by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Alarming data reveals that six areas within Lahore surpassed an AQI of 300, with the Quaid-e-Azam Highway recording the highest index at a staggering 372. Other severely affected localities include DHA Phase 8, Garden Town, and Shimla Pahari Chowk, all grappling with hazardous air quality levels.

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The met office, in its latest report, sheds light on the weather conditions that may exacerbate the ongoing crisis. Early morning readings reported a cloudy atmosphere, with meteorologists forecasting cold and dry weather for the next 24 hours. The maximum temperature is expected to hover around 23 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature dipped to a chilly 11 degrees Celsius.

Adding to the concern is the soaring humidity, with the air saturated at an alarming 92 percent. This atmospheric moisture, combined with elevated pollution levels, poses a serious health risk to Lahore’s residents.

Despite the serious measures taken by the government, there was no significant improvement in the air quality index of Lahore. There are a few areas in the city where the air quality index is consistently highest during the smog season.

As citizens grapple with the adverse effects of this environmental peril, urgent measures and collaborative efforts are imperative to tackle the root causes of the persistent smog crisis, safeguarding the well-being of the population and the city’s environmental future.

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