Construction material falls during repair of Sixth Road Metro Station

Sixth Road Metro Station

RAWALPINDI: Construction material fell from the track during repair work at the Sixth Road Metro Station. Luckily no one was reported injured.

The Sixth Road Metro Bus Station was ransacked by protesters on May 9 after the arrest of PTI chief Imran Khan. In addition to causing severe damage to the facilities at the metro station, they had also set it on fire.

Metrobus officials explained that they were doing repair work on the Sixth Road Mtero station, which was destroyed by PTI protesters.

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While repairing some construction material fell down, but the Metrobus team quickly took steps to keep everyone safe.

After the incident, Metrobus management made sure to put safety measures in place to avoid any problems for people using the Metrobus service.

Reconstruction efforts at the Sixth Road Metro Bus Station is on track to conclude by January 10 after which it would become fully functional.

The closure of this vital station had forced commuters from the area to divert to Rehmanabad and Shamsabad stations, causing inconvenience for over 100,000 daily passengers benefiting from the Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro bus service.

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