Sirajul Haq calls for exclusion of taxes from electricity bills

Sirajul Haq

SAHIWAL: Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has expressed his serious concerned over rising electricity costs and its impact on the general public, demanding to do away with taxes in electricity bills.

“The recent increase in electricity prices should be taken back, as this is an act of oppression and a manifestation of injustice,” Haq stated, echoing the sentiment shared by many citizens struggling to cope with the already skyrocketing inflation and financial burden.

He emphasised that taxes embedded within the electricity bills, accounting for a significant portion, should be eliminated, allowing consumers to pay for only the services they utilize.

The JI chief called for a system that ensures that consumers are billed fairly for their actual consumption.

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Turning the spotlight onto governance practices, Haq urged the caretaker government to refrain from following policies pursued by the previous governments. He called for forging a new path that alleviates the burden on the public and facilitates their economic well-being.

Highlighting the consequences of international financial agreements, especially those linked to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he highlighted that the economic challenges brought about by these agreements have made life increasingly difficult for the average person.

The JI chief affirmed his commitment to standing up for the rights of the people, particularly in the face of inflation and unjust practices.

He said that India launched the lunar mission, which holds little significance for Pakistan when access to basic necessities like clean drinking water remains a challenge.

Haq concluded by highlighting the current storm of unemployment, inflation, and overall economic instability that has engulfed the nation. He expressed his party’s commitment to advocating for a brighter future for the people of Pakistan, a future marked by affordability, justice, and prosperity.

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