Sirajul Haq announces reconstruction of torched houses in Jaranwala

Sirajul Haq

JARANWALA: Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq on Monday visited Jaranwala, where he personally witnessed the aftermath of the burnt houses and churches, and expressed a profound message of empathy and unity.

During his visit to the affected areas, he announced the reconstruction of the torched houses.

Addressing the local community, the JI chief unveiled plans to initiate the reconstruction immediately.

He also announced a substantial initiative to provide interest-free loans to the young of Jaranwala, fostering their economic empowerment and growth.

SC bench to hear Jaranwala vandalism case tomorrow

Sirajul Haq underscored the essence of Islam, highlighting its core values of peace, brotherhood, and coexistence.

“In this time of collective grief, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Christian brethren,” remarked Sirajul Haq, emphasising the importance of solidarity across religious lines.

He asserted that such incidents can only be deterred by punishing the criminals involved in the incident.

The JI chief urged the government to consider this incident as a litmus test for its commitment to justice and fairness.

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