Sindhi Culture Day celebrated with exuberance

Sindhi Culture Day

KARACHI: Sindhi Culture Day was celebrated with exuberance in Karachi and other major cities and towns of the province, aiming to spotlight the rich heritage of the province.

Participants, adorned in Ajrak and Sindhi caps, expressed their profound love for Sindhi culture.

Cities such as Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Nawabshah, Tharparkar, Jamshoro, Khairpur, and Dera Murad Jamali resonated with events reflecting Sindhi traditions, where the youth and children joyfully danced to the beats of folk songs.

The celebration of Sindhi Cultural Day extended beyond the Karachi Press Club, captivating the entire city. The enthusiasm was palpable among women, children, and the youth, who found themselves entranced by the melodious tunes and rhythmic beats. The streets of Karachi burst into vibrant hues, with traditional Sindhi dances becoming the focal point of attention.

A ceremony held in front of the Karachi Press Club marked the occasion of Sindh Culture Day. In Hyderabad, a local college portrayed a village scene to accentuate Sindh’s culture, featuring a traditional wedding and dance performances to regional songs as an expression of affection for Sindhi heritage.

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Tharparkar echoed with celebrations, as students highlighted Sindhi culture and expressed their deep-rooted love for it. They conveyed that the purpose of celebrating Sindhi Culture Day was to showcase their affection for their culture and to garner global recognition.

In Thatta, Sindhi culture found its beginnings at Machh Kachhari. Lights illuminated the Thatta Press Club, providing a backdrop for local artists to showcase their talents. The people at Machh Kachhari joyously danced to the tunes of Sindhi songs.

Caretaker Chief Minister Sindh, Maqbool Baqer, extended congratulations on Sindhi Culture Day, emphasizing its role in promoting love against racism, extremism, and all forms of discrimination.

Additionally, the Consul General of Germany in Pakistan conveyed congratulations in the Sindhi language, further enhancing the cultural exchange and celebration of diversity.

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