Sher Afzal Marwat reboots Sindh campaign after brief pause

Sher Afzal marwat

ISLAMABAD: A few hours after announcing the suspension of his election campaign in Sindh, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice-President Sher Afzal Marwat declared the resumption of the poll drive in Sindh starting Tuesday.

Earlier, Marwat, also one of the counsels for former Prime Minister Imran Khan, announced the halt of his campaign in Sindh after PTI spokesperson Raoof Hasan and senior leader Barrister Hamid Khan disowned him and his statements.

“Workers are right, and I will continue campaigning for PTI in Sindh. I will not be distracted. At the same time, I urge PTI workers to deal with all satanic forces on your own. We have two events today, a public rally in Mehmoodabad and a convention at Pehlawan Ghot Karachi. Please spread this message,” Marwat said in a recent tweet.

Earlier, PTI spokesperson Raoof Hasan, speaking in an interview on Neo News Urdu, asserted that the party “does not endorse statements” made by Marwat. He emphasized that Marwat’s views do not represent the official stance of the party, and Marwat holds no official position within the PTI.

Addressing Marwat’s meetings with Imran in jail, Hasan clarified that Imran Khan, the PTI founder, is permitted to meet only his lawyers, sisters, and spouse.

“To date, no political leader affiliated with the party has been granted access to meet him [Imran],” Hasan claimed.

Adding further, the spokesperson stated, “Apart from me, none of the senior leaders of the party has been authorized to meet Imran.”

Likewise, in a video extensively shared on social media, senior PTI leader Barrister Hamid expressed his non-recognition of Marwat and dismissed the assertion that Marwat represented the party.

“There is no internal conflict. Two to three individuals are sent to create divisions within the party,” he stated, affirming the absence of any rift within the PTI.

Responding to Raoof Hasan and Hamid Khan’s statements, Marwat had said in a tweet: “Keeping in view the statements against me by sick-minded people like Hamid Khan and Raoof Hassan, I am calling off my campaign in Sindh. Why are these people targeting me? Did I ever talk against them? I am so disheartened and feel so dejected. We were to hold conventions in Sanghar and Nawab Shah today but after being attacked by my own party senior lot, I am canceling all my programs and events. Until settled by Khan himself, I will not lead any rally or jalsa. I am leaving Sindh half-finished. Let Hamid Khan and Raoof Hassan muster courage and lead the public. Initially, you tried to take me out of the legal team, and now you want me to leave the campaign. I leave the campaign field to you. Show your strength and courage.”

Yet in another tweet, Marwat said: “Raoof Hassan is a conspirator and is often busy creating rifts in the party. He spoke against me a few times on electronic media. This time he has disputed the meeting with Khan on January 13, which was held in the presence of half a dozen lawyers, including Khan’s spouse, his sisters, Ejaz Buttar, and Naeem Haider Panjotha Adv. One can confirm this with these persons. This old devil has started this campaign to undermine the successful campaign of Sindh. I promise that every time I come across your dirty, zombie face, I’ll write pig all over it.”

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